Community maturity, content strategy, collaborative working, profession management and notes on patience.

Many red, blue, yellow and white paper triangles scattered on a larger sheet of paper.
Pretty triangles = trio of support. Image by Thomas Renaut via Unsplash

Things I’m happy about

Community maturity assessments

How is it already Q3?

A sticker on my laptop that says ‘Teacher Continual Professional Development MVS Beta 2021’ and has a picture of a giraffe on it.
The giraffe (I’m guessing) is about aiming high. But I think I really like the ‘continuing’ bit the most.

Things I’m happy about

Teacher CPD is in beta

A trip to Coventry, building relationships and getting back to our users

A picture of Coventry Cathedral, where the old medieval part of the building connects with the modern part that was rebuilt after it was bombed in World War II
Coventry Cathedral, where the old and new parts of the structure meet. I’m sure there’s an analogy in there for how we can integrate our services sensitively

Things I’m happy about

Primary research

It’s back to school and time to kick off some exciting work

Things I’m happy about

Information services goes into pre-discovery

Shoes, strategies, and show-and-tells

Things I’m happy about

Content strategy workshop part 2

Things I’m happy about

MORE recruitment

Things I’m happy about

Accessibility community kick-off

Information services, content strategy, design assessors and going into the office

A red skateboard on black-and-white striped pavement. Photo by Max Tarkhov on Unsplash

Things I’m happy about

Information services

Jen Staves

User-centred design leadership and strategy. Head of Content Design @dfe_digitaltech, formerly @explorewellcome @explorify @tradegovuk. Trustee @BipolarUK

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